This is a collaboration here at HQ we are excited about. Andrew Fitzsimons is the go to hairstylist to the A lists. He has celebrity clients including the Kardashians. Fitzsimons says “People often ask me how they can create the looks I deliver for my clients at an affordable price point, and this collection does just that’. Now this collection means you can look as good as an celebrity with haircare products that won’t break the bank. Here are the pieces you need to look out and add to shopping basket.


For a runway look you need your staple tools. Plus these come in a pretty in pink style making them look great on your dressing table. For sleek and smooth the hair straighteners are your go to. To create a bouncy blow dry the hair dryer, and the hair curlers need to be added to your basket. The hair dryer is high performance and comes with an extra-long cord making our life a whole lot easier!



This collection has every styling solution for all your hair worries. For that day when you really can’t be bothered to wash your hair the dry shampoo is a winner which is infused with nourishing coconut. This is one of Benito’s tried and tested and doesn’t leave your hair white (not a look we are prepared for yet) . This is definitely a Benito must buy and at only £2.50 its a bargain. Hair as flat as a pancake? The volume spray with give lacklustre locks the boost they need. Hold the volume in place with the bounce strong hold hairspray. The luxe hair oil is a staple product we love in this collection. It’s amazing for damaged hair and any of those dry split ends we all dread.



We all need the basics; shampoo and conditioner. However, finding the right one for your hair can be one of the most overwhelming hair dilemmas we face. Thanks to Fitzsimons’s that is no longer a problem. Choose from the Repair, shine and volume collection. If your hair is in need of the extra conditioning try the luxe conditioning hair masks. Great for a pamper night. A Benito HQ tried and tested is the volume shampoo and conditioner. It does exactly what is says on the bottle and has results which lasts for days.


To finish off the collection there is a collection of accessories. Try the paddle brush, the round barrel brush or the no mark hair clips with the styling tools. The hair clips or the hair claws are a must have buy to keep hair out of the way when doing your make up, and no worries of kinks in sight with these accessories. Store all your new products in the make up bag and have a peaceful nights sleep with no nightmare of hair woes with the eyemask.

Let us know what you think of the collection, and what is your favourite product.
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