This is now the time to have some me time. Feeling overwhelmed? Stressed and anxious? Make time for self care and some much needed TLC.
Even during normal times and our usual daily lives, the internet and social media can be a little overwhelming. I’ve unfortunately figured out that during a worldwide pandemic, these anxious feelings are heightened. Everyday things are changing and we are learning more about the current situation, working towards a solution. Feeling bombarded  with constant updates and news is probably somewhat exhausting for us all. I wanted to share some of my practical tips I’m putting in place to ensure my mind remains as positive and happy as possible. These are some tips I have shared with the team at Benito HQ and is something they love just as much as me.

Create a sanctuary

If you’re going to be working from home (which I know many of you are) it’s helpful to keep your surroundings clean and organised. Placing things around you that inspire you and make you smile is important. For me, that’s flowers, a candle and a Buddha. I also love adding photo collages in frames of Polaroid’s or printed photos from time’s I loved.  For some of the team at Benito create a sanctuary for working, and a place not involving work this could be a relaxing bath where you can just switch off and escape.

Stretch it out

It could be time to try yoga! My favourite yoga class has been cancelled for now, so I am pulling out my mat at home and trying an online workout. Stretching is great for releasing tension and I would highly recommend it. It’s a great way to stay fit, clear your mind and to feel relax and at ease.  One of my favourite classes which is free, and can be found on YouTube is Yoga with Adriene. 
You will be a Yoga pro in no time!


Get up & dressed

It sounds very simple. But when you’re working from home or are in isolation, it’s easy to fall into a trap of being lazy. Get up, make the bed, brew a tea or coffee (or juice!) and get changed. Even if it’s into your favourite loungewear, sticking to a routine and getting up will help you feel energised.


Digital Cleanse

Unfollow anything on social media that isn’t serving you positivity or inspiration. If it’s making you question yourself in a negative way, making you feel judgemental or leaving you drained remove it. Only absorb the content that helps you feel good.


Enjoy time for you

Whether that’s playing a game you like, writing, watching Netflix or reading a new book. Learn to enjoy time on your own and feel at peace with the space around you,


What tips do you have for self care?  
Share with us on social media what is your self care tips with the hashtag #ThatBenitoFeeling
Stay Safe 
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