‘What are the right lash extensions for you?’

Our Benito lashes are suitable for any occasion, whether you are looking for natural look or you are all about the volume, we have the perfect lash choice for you!

Check out our Lash bio’s below:



Individually applied lash extensions, looking for the length without the volume

Look: For the dramatic individual

Lash Winks: 1 hour

Lash Life : Up to 10 days

Occasion: Weekend getaway/ Party

Plus they are Instagram worthy!


Happy Hour

A low maintenance option using our lightweight lash extensions

Look: Natural without the commitment

Lash Winks: 1 hour

Lash Life : Up to 10 days

Occasion: Everyday wear


Ruffle My Feathers

For the perfectionist; giving you a natural look using our lightweight extensions, say goodbye to mascara!

Look: Natural yet fluffy

Lash Winks: 90 minutes

Lash Life: Up to 2 weeks

Occasion: Everyday wear/ Weddings/ Party

*Get a cheeky lash fix every 2 weeks


Alter Ego Lashes*

A perfected layering technique using our lightweight lash extensions, giving you full and voluminous lashes

Look: For serial lash envy, say goodbye to your strip lashes

Lash Winks: 2.5 hours

Lash Life : 2-3 weeks

Occasion: Party/ A long holiday/Bridal Party

*Get a cheeky lash fix every 2 weeks

*Please note Alter Ego Lashes are subject to availability


Lash Fix

Keep those lashes on point: A rebalance is recommended every 2-3 weeks for Ruffle My Feathers and Alter Ego

Our InstaLash and Happy Hour Lashes will need to be removed professionally after 10 days. But don’t worry, that’s included in your initial cost.


How do lash extensions work?

At Benito, we attach your lash extensions individually – and lash-to-lash. This creates a bespoke finish, that will really brings out the best in your appearance. Unlike strip lashes, our lash extensions are ultra light.

In fact, many clients say they can’t feel them at all when they’re wearing them.

Our lash extensions are applied by trained professionals. They can advise you on achieving your dream results. These low maintenance treatments are a relaxing experience in themselves.

Why should I choose these lash extensions over the alternatives?

Unlike our lash extensions, strip lashes can be a world of hassle. They’re a pain to put on and take off. You have to do it yourself every morning and evening, when you’re either tired, in a rush or both. Fiddling around with glue, or in emergencies mascara, is no fun at all.

Worst of all, the end results of all your hard work can be disappointing. Strip lashes are just that – uniform strips that take no account of your face or eye shape. Often you can spot that telltale horrible line of strip lashes. And because strip lines are attached to each other, all your lashes come off at once.

All lash extension appointments need to be booked in advance directly with the Brow Bar. Find your nearest Brow Bar here.

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