We currently offer waxing services at a selection of our Brow Bars. Please check the list below to find your nearest Benito waxing bar.

House of Fraser, High Wycombe
House of Fraser, Wolverhampton
House of Fraser, Birmingham
House of Fraser, Sutton Coldfield

Take a step off the bustling shop floor and unwind your mind in our calm, secluded and very, VERY private waxing room!


What is waxing?

Waxing is a semi-permanent hair removal method. It removes your unwanted hair by the root. We can do this on almost any body part you wish. Our waxing rooms are private and discreet, so you can sit back and get silky smooth in a flash.

How does waxing work?

Firstly we’ll cleanse the area, and apply a thin layer of wax over your skin. We’ll then use a wax strip to lay on top of the wax. After waiting for it to dry slightly, we’ll then remove it in one swoop. You’ll be left gloriously hair-free.

Why should I choose waxing over the alternative?

Waxing is a great choice for removing larger areas of unwanted hair. It’s quick and efficient, and you can target greater areas in one go.

Are you after silky smooth skin all over, all of the time? Then waxing is definitely for you. You can forget the daily stress of shaving, as regrowth is much slower. And when your hairs do grow back, they grow back thinner and less coarse.

How long will my waxing treatment take?

It depends which area you would like waxing! We offer waxing of the following areas:
Full leg
Half leg
Under arm
Half arm
Full arm
Modest bikini
Full leg and modest bikini
Full leg and Brazilian
Full leg and Hollywood
Lower back
Full body

We offer a walk in service, which means no need to book. Find your nearest Brow Bar here