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Absorbent Beauty Blenders are a thing of the past!

This sponge has been a secret in the beauty world until now; giving you MUA worthy flawless finish and will save you money! The Beat Face cosmetics sponge is used by many Makeup Artists and once you try this there is no turning back. Their MicroFiber sponge is made...

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10 things you must try from Peaches and Cream

It’s time to give your makeup products a spring clean and invite some new brands into your makeup bag! With Peaches & Creams pick ‘n’ mix bundles you can switch up your go to kit for just £40… this will leave you with 4 new pigments, 4 new brushes and 2 new...

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Best fake tan for that Summer glow

We’re all getting Summer blues this time of the year waiting for our holidays to come along! Benito have gathered our go-to fake tans to get you feeling the Summer vibes. We will start off at the deep end with our favourite tan for a deep, dark and glowing tan –...

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