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It’s Black history month and here at Benito HQ we are here to showcase tried and tested black owned beauty brands that we are loving right now. In the past the beauty industry hasn’t been as inclusive as we may have liked, with brands offering minimal shade options that don’t cater to different skin textures. Finding the right products for skin, hair and body may still be a disappointing experience for black women, however we are starting to see a shift when it comes to brands designing products that are diverse and can be used by anybody no matter their skin type and tone. This initial shift is down to the black owned beauty brand founders who have highlighted the lack of diversity and took it upon themselves to change this. Although the industry still has a long way to go with brands needing to listen and learn how they can improve to accommodate all consumers.


Benito’s Top 5 Black Owned Beauty Brands


• Pat McGrath Labs

The British makeup artist Pat McGrath owns a global beauty company that’s now valued at more than 1 billion dollars. She’s worked on endless runway shows and became very popular over the years working with big brands such as Christian Dior, Prada and Giorgio Armani. Her main aim for the brand was to bring makeup for all skin tones to the forefront working with pigments to make sure they work on all skin tones. The brand has 36 universal colour choices and five shade levels curated for all skin tones, types and undertones. The brand shows inclusivity is by using a wide range of models including all shapes, sizes and genders.

“I was always mixing up colours because there wasn’t anything out there for black skin” Pat McGrath.

Pat McGrath Labs

Credit: Pat McGrath Labs


• Fenty Beauty

Fenty Beauty is a cosmetics brand known for its wide inclusivity across all skin tones and genders. After seeing a gap in the industry, founder Rihanna launched the makeup line to ensure everyone could be catered for. Fenty focuses on producing products for hard to match skin tones by creating formulas that work for all skin types and textures. The range is created for everyone to love with 50 universal foundation shades to match any skin tone.


Credit: Fenty Beauty


• Uoma Beauty

Uoma Beauty is one of the most inclusive black owned beauty brands, founded by Nigerian born former beauty executive Sharon Chuter. The brand sees themselves as an empowered tribe that all are welcome to join. Uoma exists to “re-write the rules of inclusivity and diversity to create a world of beauty that truly is for all of us”  offering a range of shades, colours and consistencies in all of its products. The brand sets out to celebrate consumers differences whether that be skin colour, size or sexual orientation.

“The world is beautiful because we are all different and colourful in our unique way, and this is why Uoma Beauty exists,” Shanon Chuter.

Uoma Beauty

Credit: Uoma Beauty


• Pattern

After years of trying to fit in with society Tracee Ellis Roos damaged her hair by using chemical relaxers, texturisers and tight ponytails. At 15 she decided to begin her healing journey by self-education and experimentation seeing what products worked for her natural hair. She created Pattern Beauty to focus on hair health to encourage each hair texture to take up as much space as it desires. The brand aims to celebrate and embrace natural hair focusing on curly, coiled and textured styles. Their affordable products help maintain, hydrate and nourish natural hair by using safe ingredients. The brand donates to organisations that support the empowerment of both women and people of colour.

“Don’t feel the need to tame, control or stifle your curls & coils. Let them free.” Pattern.


Credit: Pattern

• Liha Beauty

Liha Beauty is a natural, organic, 100% vegan, cruelty free skincare brand that’s free from parabens, sls and chemicals. Founded by Liha Okunniwa and Abi Oyepitan the brand fuses “African roots and quintessentially British attitudes”. Sustainability, self-care and slow living is at the heart of the brand, all the packaging is recyclable, reusable and produced in the UK by a family run business. Many of their products are multipurpose and can be applied everywhere on the body, face, hair, hands and feet. Their Gold Shea Butter is one of their best-selling products created using all-natural Nigerian ingredients.The brands website journal also highlights important themes of self-love, body acceptance and switching to a zero-waste lifestyle.


Credit: Liha Beauty

Watch real reviews via YouTube

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Show your love for black owned beauty brands

It’s time to make ourselves aware of not just beauty brands but what is happening across the globe and how we can help from petitions or taking it upon ourselves to read about cultures and history. This will result in changes for the better, we can learn from the past and influence the present and future. It’s important we continue to support these brands not just this month but always. With our support we can make changes to the beauty industry making it more inclusive. Hopefully more brands will take note, improve their products and develop a wider market like these amazing brands above.


Tag us in black owned brands you are loving from fashion to beauty, we would love to share.


Benito x

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