Threading has been around for over 6,000 years and not only is it precise, but it’s also a long term solution for all sorts of hair, as it pulls each hair out straight from the root. It’s not generally used for large areas of the body such as legs and arms because threading can only pull out a line of hair at a time, and so any large area would take far too long. Benito thinks your time is far too precious for this, so we have body waxing where available in our Brow Bars around the UK. When threading any area of the face, the technician will always go against the direction of the hair growth, to ensure that every little hair is caught with the thread, leaving you the smoothest possible finish!


The length of the threading lines depends on your desired outcome for your brows e.g. if you want just a “tidy up”, short and fast lines would be used, pulling out only a few hairs at a time. However if you would like a full thread, long bursts would be used, following the direction of the natural shape, usually one line on the top of the brow and one down the side to ensure a sharp point at the end. By pulling out a line of hair in one go, it ensures a really straight and precise shape.

When getting your brows threaded, it is really important to stretch, to ensure that no skin is caught in between the pieces of thread. Your technician will ask you to place one hand over your eyelid and one hand on your forehead.


When threading the lip, your technician will do the side of your upper lip making horizontal short lines on each side and as it can be a very sensitive area, only pulling out a few hairs at a time. The required stretching technique for the lip is to push your tongue up against the inside of your lip, creating a ball under the skin, This stretches out your skin so it doesn’t get caught in between the pieces of thread. When threading the middle of the lip, to stretch you  must pull your lips in tight, pulling the skin tight, as if you were rubbing your lips together.

The good thing about using threading as a method of facial hair removal is that it can remove even the smallest and finest hairs, meaning it will leave the area with a super clean and smooth finish. Because the hairs are usually so fine, the technician needs to thread the lip area slowly, to ensure every hair is pulled out including even the smallest ones.


The direction that the hairs grow on the forehead is usually in the same direction that the eyebrows grow, even if they are barely visible your technician will know the best way to thread. The hair is first threaded on the sides of the forehead and then the middle, and is done in quite a slow movement, as the hair can be very fine.


When threading the chin, the technician will thread each side, going inwards and following the natural curve of the shape of the chin in a fast and short motion, as most chin hair is quite coarse and difficult to remove. However thinner and finer hair will be removed more slowly so as to ensure precision. Stretching of the chin may not be necessary, however your technician may ask you to pull the skin under your chin, near your neck, just to pull the skin extra tight and leave you with an extra clean finish.


As the skin on the neck can sometimes be looser than the rest of the skin on the face, stretching is even more important. Your technician will explain to you that your hand needs to rest on the top of your chest/bottom of your neck, and to gently pull down to keep the skin taught. When your technician begins to move the thread closer to the top of your neck she may ask you to place one hand underneath your chin and pull upwards. This part of the neck can be a little sensitive, but this is completely normal, so don’t worry! Your technician knows what she’s doing.

Middle Brow

The threading of the middle brow is the only place on the face where the thread is held in a vertical and slightly diagonal position because the hair here tends to grow upwards. We thread downwards, again in the opposite direction to the hair growth. The threading is done in fast and short motions as the hair in between the eyebrows tends to be coarse. If you find that your brow hair grows down towards the bridge of your nose, your technician will ask you to stretch your forehead upwards to keep the skin flat and taut so that your skin doesn’t get caught.


When threading cheeks, like the lip, stretching will require pushing your tongue into the inside of your mouth. The thread is pulled downwards towards the corners of your mouth and follows the curve of your cheek. Gentle and slow motions are used, as the hairs can be quite fine on the cheeks and so it’s often sensitive area.


The sides of the face are threaded in long sweeping motions, and stretching may be required on the face just next to your ear and jaw line, both being pulled in opposite directions so the skin is kept taut. The threading is done in an upwards and downwards diagonal motion, but not quite vertical. First your technician will pull the thread downwards, towards the bottom of the ear and then upwards towards the hairline. Ultimately, leaving you with a wonderfully smooth face.

Although these methods of threading are generally used throughout our Brow Bars, all of our highly skilled technicians have different preferred techniques as to what works for them as well as taking into consideration different bone structures and skin flexibility. Our technicians will always avoid threading over moles, so may change direction to get around any that you have.

With the majority of face shapes and skin types, stretching is absolutely vital to avoid any small abrasions or cuts as a result of getting the skin caught between the pieces of thread. If at any point you aren’t sure how to stretch, make sure to ask your technician to show you the proper technique.

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