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Discovering who you are and what your style is, can be a fun yet incredibly stressful and intimidating process, be it makeup, fashion, or in this case – brows. For some it can take weeks, months and even years to find what suits you. Some people continue to change their style until they settle on one they feel best represents them!

Because we understand the pressures of fitting in, standing out and making a statement all at the same time, here at Benito HQ we have come up with a fool proof guide to discovering your perfect brows! And of course, once you have perfect brows, your life will automatically fall into place 😉


Seeking Advice

Ask people you trust, and who know you and your style well. Explain the look you want to go for and ask them for their advice. Don’t let them sway you though, you want it to be your style not someone else’s – You’re the one walking round with them on your face at the end of the day, so the final say is yours, however it is nice to listen to others as they may suggest something you never thought of!


Appointment Prep

In prep for your visit to your local Brow Bar, you may want to print off a few photos of celebs with a similar face shape, or with similar brows to what you’re aiming for. Don’t worry if you’re unsure though, Benito’s expert technicians will be able to advise you on the best shape for your face, and the best tint colour for your skin/hair colour.


Your Threading Experience

Threading is the least painful, and most precise method of hair removal practiced and it lasts for such a long time because you are pulling the hair from its root. Unlike waxing, threading ensures that the line of hairs that is pulled out is exact, so you’ll be left with an extra sharp shape! There’s no sticky wax residue, and it’s perfect for people with sensitive skin too.


Decide on your treatment

Are you going for just a shape? Just a tint? Both? Or the fully whammy – a treatment package tailored to your brows, to keep them in shape?

A shape can be simple or as complex as you want it to be. You have complete control over what you go for, be it just a tidy up or a full shape change! It doesn’t have to be brows, at Benito we thread areas from the neck to the forehead – read in more detail about the areas that we thread here.



Benito threading and tinting treatments are both walk in services (tinting is subject to a 24 hour patch test) so on the day, there’s no need to book just pop in when you’re ready and let our technicians work their magic. The start of the week is often the most quiet, so if you would prefer some privacy, Mondays & Tuesdays are good options.


The Process

For some, this is the daunting part. Some people say it hurts like hell and others, it’s just a breeze. So what can you believe!? The truthful answer – don’t stress about it too much, it’s so quick that you barely get time to feel anything before it’s over. Some people are more sensitive than others, but even if you do feel a slight stinging sensation, our Soothing Gel will sort that out!


Enjoy the Experience

Putting someone else in control of your appearance, when it’s semi-permanent, can be a little daunting, but just relax and know you are in professional, well-trained hands! If you look at eyebrow maintenance as part of your everyday beauty regime, and think of it as a mid-week pamper, your threading appointment will start to become that time of the week that you look forward to.


Embracing the Change

Once your brows have been shaped and tinted, you can now focus on personalising them with some final touches. There are loads and loads of tutorials all over YouTube on different ways to do your brows, which can make it slightly confusing, but the best way is just to stock up on products and experiment until you get it right, because as they say – practice makes perfect!

A few things which are the essentials in any brow makeup kit are:

A small angled brush for getting that perfect straight line
A brow shadow (depending on your budget Illamasqua do a really good ‘Brow Cake’ or similarly, Sleek’s Brow Kit is amazing for the price and some say it’s a dupe of Benefit’s zing brow kit’)
Brow wax
Brow mascara – to set the hairs in place

OPTIONAL – concealer and small flat concealer brush to sharpen up brow edges and highlight under the brow bone


You don’t have to spend a fortune to get amazing brows, most of the products you need are all on the highstreet, in Boots or Superdrug so theres no need to splurge.


Keep on top of it!

Brows generally require maintenance every two or three weeks but make sure you resist the urge to pluck during this period and then pop back to see your technician for round two!


All in All – Here is an overview of Benito’s 5 tips to discovering you and your brows

Identify your look
Go Pro and visit a professional
Embrace the change
Shop it out
Rock your wow brows


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