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Should you choose a cool or warm colour for your eyebrows?

Deciding what colour your brows should be is often a difficult process. Generally speaking you can go one or two shades lighter or darker, without changing your look too much.

If you want a flexible look, keep your brows natural and use different shades of product to subtly enhance your eyes: lighter shades give a natural and very fresh look, darker shades are more dramatic and give greater definition for more outgoing party looks. Lighter shades will fill in any gaps you may have, without over-powering your natural brows. Darker shades on the other hand, with fill gaps but also add definition and colour to your natural eyebrows.

If you want the stress-free option of perfect brows every day, and don’t desire the flexibility to change your look, why not consider brow tinting?

So whether you’re wondering which colour powder/pencil/pomade to get, or which custom shade of tint would suit you best- here’s our handy guide!


Lighter skinned brunettes often have a hard job of colour matching their brow products, what you’re looking for is a mid to dark brown with a cool undertone. Anything too warm will make your eyebrows look reddish, especially in daylight! Look for ash tones, and put down anything with brick, orange or bark brown tones.


Unlike your pale-skinned fellow brunettes, Asian and Olive skin often has warmer undertones. Ranging from yellow, through red to brown. Anything with ash or taupe shades will make your brows look grey and your face washed out, so make sure there is warmth and depth in the colour you choose. Rich browns ranging from medium to dark should suit you perfectly, although we bet you’re lucky enough to have fabulous bold brows which don’t need much additional help!


Lighter skinned brunettes with very dark hair need to be really careful when choosing a brow colour because the contrast in your colouring means small differences are more noticeable. Stick to this general rule: the darker your hair the warmer your brow colour can be, and the lighter your hair the cooler your eyebrows should be. To get a perfect colour match it might be worth while heading to your local beauty counter and asking professional advice!


Unless you have very warm toned skin, blondes generally prefer to stick to more neutral toned taupes. They may look grey or even green in the palette but will suit you perfectly. Often blonde brow pencils contain too much red and this can make your eyebrows look obvious and dyed, so test out products on your hand before you buy- comparing one next to the other is a great way to work out the undertones. If you’re a natural brunette but dye your hair, you could try out a slightly darker shade. Again stick to the cool tones, but try something with a bit more depth to bring together your natural colouring and chosen hair colour. A good tip is: the more obvious the roots, the more you should match your brows to them. For ombre styles, stick to a natural looking brow and steer clear of matching your tips to your eyebrows!


Warm and cool tones can suit your beautiful skin equally, what’s more important for you ladies is to pick a colour that is two or three shades lighter than desired because your darker undertones will tend to darken the colour after application. Try out lots of different shades, anything from medium to dark brown with either cool or warm tones.


You lovely ladies need to stick firmly in the warm zone! Product ranges don’t usually cater for redheads, so often you might have to pick between the shades for blondes and the shades for brunettes. The lighter and more golden your hair, the lighter and softer your colour needs to be, if you have undertones of gold in your hair pick the colour intended for blondes, if your red hair leans more towards brown then go for a warm toned product intended for brunettes. There are companies out there which offer brow product specifically for redheads, which will give you much more choice! However with a bit of patience and knowledge you should be able to pick something up from your local drugstore without breaking the budget 😉

Salt & Pepper or Silver

Look to the deepest shades in your hair and work from there, stick to cool tones but don’t pick anything too ashey or green looking, a nice light brown to taupe should work well. If you’ve ever seen a picture of Alistair Darling you’ll know it’s relatively common for hair on the head to lighten before eyebrows, if this is the case it’s less likely that you will need structure or colour put back into your brows, and more likely that you just need to fill the gaps. In this instance, go for a shade one or two colours lighter than your natural (current) brow colour. The lighter product will disguise any gaps but remain unnoticeable, ‘fading’ gently into your brows.

Still unsure?

Why not custom blend your brow colour yourself? You can take two brow shades

Our last tip- remember, there are no set rules when it’s comes to beauty- that’s the fun of it! If you think a cooler or warmer tone would suit you better, go for it! Equally, if you like contrast and pushing boundaries, choose the colour which best represents your personality. If you’ve found your perfect shade, why not tweet us @benitobrowbar? B.x

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