We love all things brows and beauty related here at Benito headquarters, and we wanted to share with you our amazing top tips on how we keep our brows in shape! Our wonderful Marketing Administrator, Andie has answered some questions that we think will give you an insight into our brow routines!

What is your signature brow style?

I lean more towards the natural side but I like to keep them clean, tidy and even. I like the shape of my natural brows because they don’t have a prominent arch. I only fill in the sparse areas with make-up but I’m not afraid to go for the bold brows on a night out.

When was the first time you got your brows done?

I’ve been getting them waxed for years and I used to pluck all the odd hairs in-between and around my eyebrows. It wasn’t until I started working at Benito that I began getting them threaded, which is much quicker and not painful. After all, plucking single hairs at a time can be quite tedious, not to mention, plucking ONE wrong hair can make such a huge difference to the shape.

How often do you get them done?

I usually get them done every 3-4 weeks because I have a slow brow growth. Since I started getting my brows threaded, I wouldn’t dream of going back to waxing! The results are longer lasting and give a more defined shape. I’ve found that you don’t get the same clean, sharp shape with waxing that you get with threading.

Ever had them tinted?

I’ve had them tinted once and I would definitely get them done again. It only took a couple of minutes and it meant I didn’t have to fill in the sparse areas with make-up as it darkened my eyebrows. The first time I had my brows threaded and tinted I couldn’t stop staring at myself in the mirror! The results were amazing.

What products do you use on your brows?

I used to use a brow powder that made my eyebrows look ginger… Considering I have dark brown hair this wasn’t a good look to say the least! Since this mishap, I started paying closer attention to the products I use. I only use a brow pencil from Rimmel (that’s actually the right shade) to lightly fill them in, I then brush my brows through to blend the pencil and to tidy up any stray hairs. It takes me less than a minute!

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