Here at Benito we love brows of all shapes and sizes, as 2016 comes to an end we had a look through the brow trends that came, slayed and rumbled the beauty world. There was so many brow trends that made an appearance this year, it was hard to choose our favourites and made us wonder what trends the New Year would bring us.

The smokey, brushed up, bushy brows

The brushed up, smokey brows is actually the new ‘on fleek’ brows. These smokey brows only require minimal to no effort, it’s the opposite of the perfectly groomed, made me late for work brows, just fill them in slightly with powder, blend and brush them up and you’re ready to go! They work really well on full brows and is basically a cool version of the on fleek brows.


Muted brows

Bleached, barely there, ‘no-brow’ brow was a huge hit this year. From Kim Kardashian just casually bleaching her brows to make-up guru Pat McGrath giving models the ultimate muted brows for the Givenchy runway, we can certainly say that the ‘no-brow’ brows was a huge hit this year. Would you be daring enough to try the bleached brows?


Glitter brows

There’s been a lot of discussion on how to get the perfect sparkly eyebrows, from using lash glue (don’t do that… not a good idea unless you want to be left brow-less when you remove the glitter) to just sprinkling fine glitter over your brow products, a lot of beauty bloggers tried this look using different techniques and it was brilliant, the perfect look for a New Years party we reckon… If you want to try the glittery brows but aren’t ready for the full sparkle then just try a line of glitter under your brows instead of highlighter.


Full/bold brows

As you may have seen, we wrote another post on our favourite bold brows. Ever since Cara Delevingne swooped into our lives and took over almost every magazine cover, we’ve been dreaming about having the boldest brows ever, researching ways into getting brows like Lily Collins and staring at photos of Natalia Castellar. This brow trend is a lot like marmite though, you either love them or you hate them.


The ‘on fleek’ well-groomed brows

Of course almost everyone likes the ‘on fleek’ brows. But what exactly is ‘on fleek’? Well, it’s typically the tamed, groomed brows that every girl dreams of, filling them in with a generous amount of make-up and ensuring that they’re twins not sisters, has the perfect gradient at the beginning of the brows and the perfect tail with a glorious highlight underneath. We admit, we’ve been late on numerous occasions trying to get our brows on fleek.


We’ve only listed 5 of the brow trends that happened this year and that wasn’t even half of them! It would probably be December 2017 if we attempted to list them all (that’s a slight exaggeration but there was just so many). Although we’d love to try all these brow trends we’re busy getting all of you the brows you need and very much deserve! We look forward to the New Year and can’t wait to see all the new trends it will bring.

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