Awards season has officially started. 2017 Golden Globe awards brought in a flood of our favourite celebrities. The sparkly gowns, perfect up-do’s and clean suits didn’t divert our eyes from looking at everyone’s eyebrows first (it’s literally the first thing you’ll notice about someone, trust us, the next time you look at someone you’ll find yourself noticing their eyebrows before you notice anything else).

Tom Ford

Fashion designer turned film director has been showing us the importance of grooming man brows. Last year the famous designer brought out a tinted brow gel to his line of cosmetics which male models wore for his show during New York Fashion Week, he explained to us that eyebrows improve facial symmetry – “our beauty standard”. According to NYC brow stylist Ramy Gafni, the perfect man brow should have clean lines and few stray hairs, the stylist also says that “good brows make a man look younger” – so there it is, there’s nothing wrong with males grooming their eyebrows!

Amy Adams

This nominee for Best Actress was among one of the best dressed at this years Golden Globes but it’s her eyebrows we’re dreaming of. How does she pull off those high arches?!


Andrew Garfield

Did anyone catch Andrew Garfield and Ryan Reynolds share a kiss when Ryan Gosling was accepting his award for Best Actor?! The Deadpool star probably got enchanted by his eyebrows and thought “Yep, this is who I should be with, who even is Blake Lively? I don’t know her.” Someone pass Andrew the Golden Globe for best man brows.


Lily Collins

Okay, so we’re kind of obsessed with Lily Collins as you could probably imagine (her bold brows are to die for). She shut down the red carpet with her touch of fairytale princess magic, wearing a pretty pink gown by Zuhair Murad and of course, her eyebrows were perfectly groomed! We expect nothing less from our favourite brow queen.


Ryan Gosling

Okay, so we know Ryan Gosling picked up the Golden Globe for Best Actor (rightfully so) but we also know that he used to pluck his man brows. Thank the heavens he stopped plucking because those man brows make him look even more dreamy!


Emma Stone

This beauty scored the award for Best Actress for her role in La La Land. She graced the red carpet looking as stunning as ever with natural looking eyebrows, they frame her face perfectly with only a very slight arch. Forget the “on-fleek Instagram brows”, Emma Stone is here to demonstrate how to work the natural looking brows.


As much as we’d like to list all of our favourite looks from the awards show we’d be sitting here all day. This is only the beginning of awards season, we can’t even begin to imagine how many more red carpet looks we will be dreaming of!

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