As many people say “if eyes are the window to the soul then your eyebrows are the frame”. This is why your eyebrows should be well-groomed and polished! If you like to fill in your eyebrows because they’re too sparse or have no shape to them or you simply just like to really define them, then you probably already know the struggle of trying to find and use the right product. Finding the right product can be tricky, sometimes you find the perfect eyebrow gel that keeps those unruly hairs in place all day but the problem is that the gel sets shiny! Or, you find a wax that glides on and blends perfectly but the catch is – it’s not smudge or waterproof…

There are LOADS of different products that can be used on your eyebrows to completely fill them in or simply to just give it that little extra oomph. We’ve sifted through the lot and picked out some of the most popular products to help you decide which product to go for.


If you’re looking for that quick fix to fill in gaps or something to define your clean lines even more then this is for you, probably the most inexpensive product for your eyebrows which makes it popular too. Don’t be fooled though, just because it’s inexpensive compared to the other mass eyebrow products out there it doesn’t mean it’s no good, they’re quick and easy to use if you don’t have that much time on your hands!

Recommended: Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil – £2.99



Tinted or clear – there are probably a truck load of different eyebrow gels. They come in a mascara like tube and is applied using a spoolie brush, tinted eyebrow gels have quickly made its way up the beauty ladder as they’re super easy and quick to use. Not only do they darken the hairs but they’ll also help to keep those pesky hairs in place, this would be perfect for you if you’re after au naturel looking eyebrows and don’t want them super define but still want them to look polished and perfect.

Recommended: Urban Decay Brow Tamer – £15.00 / Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Gel – £16.50



If you’re not after those “Instagram” eyebrows, then look no further. Eyebrow powder was one of the first eyebrow products to surface in the beauty world and quickly became popular for those who still wanted to define and fill in their brows. It’ll give you soft looking eyebrows so it doesn’t look too heavy, you’ll still have eyebrows that look well groomed but no one will accuse you of having sharpie eyebrows!

Recommended: High Definition Eye & Brow Palette – £24.00



Another popular one and we can see why. Eyebrow wax or pomade as some like to call it, is used to give your eyebrows that strong definition, sharp clean lines and that dramatic “on-fleek” look. Most pomades are smudge and waterproof is a very much added bonus as no one likes to accidentally smudge half their eyebrow off while they’re out an about, and having your eyebrows washed off while walking in the rain isn’t ideal. It’s smooth to apply and will definitely give you the sculpted, on-fleek eyebrows that everyone will hashtag #goals for.

Recommended: Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade – £15.00

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