We gave you some facts about eyelashes so it’s only right that we give you some facts about eyebrows! Don’t worry though, your eyebrows don’t have tiny Demodex mites living on them, at least, we don’t think they do….

Eyebrows are more active during the summer

Your eyebrows are more active in the summer because of the warmth. When the weather is warm your eyebrows will grow faster, but unfortunately the growth will slow down when the weather gets a little colder as we enter winter.


Uni-brows were seen as a sign of intelligence

Not everyone finds uni-brows attractive but hey, that’s personal preference. Before eyebrows became a trend back in the old days, uni-brows were a sign of intelligence. As people saw it as a sign of intelligence, many people exaggerated their uni-brows and embraced them as intelligence means beauty!


Your eyebrows can help your vision

Well, sort of. Just like eyelashes, an eyebrows biological purpose is to keep things away from your eyes.


Stress can affect the growth of your eyebrows

Stress can lead to hair loss so it’s only normal that it can affect the hair on your eyebrows. It can stump the growth of your eyebrows or just cause them to grow at a slower rate than normal.


Before eyebrow gel, clear mascara was used

Eyebrow gel is relatively a new thing. Before gel for your eyebrows was made, people used clear mascara as an alternative to keep those pesky stray hairs in place, although clear mascara is a very similar product, eyebrow gel is formulated so that it’s stronger in keeping your eyebrows in place all day and on the plus side, most eyebrow gels are waterproof!


Mona Lisa has no eyebrows

Yes, this is a very random fact, we know. But we bet you didn’t notice that the famous lady in the famous painting had no eyebrows! However, reports from 2007 suggest that she did have eyebrows once upon a time, before Leonardo Da Vinci revised the painting and took them away. Or, another ridiculous theory is that her eyebrows got unintentionally wiped away when the painting was being cleaned!


Eyebrows are a weird but wonderful facial feature. You either love them or you hate them! Us on the other hand, as you can probably tell…. love all types of eyebrows!

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