To keep your eyebrows in the best possible shape there are certain things you just shouldn’t do to them… ever. From over-plucking to using dry/outdated make-up products. Eyebrows are only small little patches of hair on your face but they make a huge difference, which is why you should take extra care of them!


We don’t like plucking, never have… since we over-plucked back in the day and thought it was a good look to have needle thin eyebrows. The thing about plucking, is that if you pluck even just one small hair it can completely change the shape of your eyebrows, and if this happens, there will be tears, regret and a whole load of eyebrow make-up pilled on top. If you do pluck your eyebrows though, just make sure it’s just the stray hairs that are growing around/away from your eyebrows.

Take too much from the middle

You either embrace the monobrow or you loathe it. If you’re going to remove the hairs between your eyebrows – STAY IN THE MIDDLE. Don’t get carried away and move to the start of your eyebrows, having eyebrows too far apart will probably cause you to turn into an internet meme being retweeted over 10,000 times on twitter.

Try to match them exactly

Okay, okay, we get that people like to say “eyebrows are sisters, not twins” and as much as we’d like to keep that phrase alive, your eyebrows do have to look even. We don’t mean that they must be EXACTLY the same but still, they need to have some sort of symmetry on your face. Of course, we’d all love to have eyebrows that are twins but this can get quite stressful when you’re trying to go for the ‘twinning’ look. Whether you’re filling them in or getting them waxed, don’t stress about getting them exactly the same. “Just a little bit more powder here” “Wax a little more on the left eyebrow” can lead to you just overfilling your eyebrows so they look nothing a like, or taking too much off one in hopes of matching the other. Our point is, as long as they look even, your eyebrows will still look fleeky!

Use outdated/dry makeup

If you fill in your eyebrows, make sure that the products you use aren’t outdated or in other terms, dry. Using dry make-up on your eyebrows can actually damage the hairs as it’ll be rough, and you’ll have to use more force when applying it. Also, it won’t last as long, it’ll start to crumble off your eyebrows before you even leave the house for work!

Forget to clean your eyebrow tools

If you use scissors, tweezers or brushes on your eyebrows then cleaning them regularly is a must! We know that cleaning any of your make-up tools/brushes can be tedious and let’s be honest here, most of us try to avoid this job. Whenever you remove your eyebrow hairs it opens up the pores while the hair follicle is trying to recover itself, if you start using things around or on this area that hasn’t been cleaned in a while, it can clog your pores with dirt and cause you to breakout!


Make sure you stay on-top of looking after your little eyebrows! We lost them once when we over-plucked so we don’t want to loose them again, they take too long to grow back!

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