We know what you’re all thinking, whyyyyy does cleaning make-up brushes/tools have to be a a thing? *cue big sigh*. Okay, we all hate cleaning our make-up brushes and tools but it NEEDS to be done, more often than you think actually. At the brow bars we use disposable brushes, but at home our brushes and tools need some extra lovin’, over time your brushes and tools will be swamped with germs and build up of old make-up that you may not even see, this can cause A LOT of problems and you wouldn’t immediately blame your brushes when your skin flares up in acne, but the reality is… your brushes are probably the main cause for your outbreak. We’ve done our research and found out why it’s really really important to give your brushes and tools a regular shampooing!

Breakouts and Clogged Pores

You KNEW we were going to mention this. A common cause of sudden breakouts and clogged pores is because of un-washed makeup brushes! If you’re constantly using your brushes without washing them it can become a vicious cycle – You’ve got build up of makeup and germs on your brushes that you’re putting back onto your products then putting back on your face, picking up new germs and putting it back onto your products then putting back onto your face then; okay you get the point, the germs will always be there. If you’re noticing new blemishes and your pores seemed to be extra clogged it’s time to get new brushes or give your used brushes a good clean.

Bacteria Growth

As mentioned above, it’s a vicious cycle so you can only imagine the growth of bacteria on and in-between the bristles and tools. Your brushes and tools come into contact with so many different surfaces which means it will pick up a variety of germs and bacteria that wouldn’t even cross your mind. They can go from being in your makeup drawers, makeup bags, vanity tables and bathroom counters… yep… didn’t think about all the places they’ll visit did you?

Bad Makeup Application

Because of old build up of makeup, this can cause your makeup application to not be as flawless as it used to be. When the postman arrived with your massive box of new unicorn brushes and you started using them immediately, your makeup probably looked airbrushed with little to no imperfections, can’t say that it’s still like that now can you? Now that you have weeks and weeks worth of makeup on your brushes, your application can become blotchy looking, harder to blend and not have that smooth silky finish it used to have. Ever brushed your brows and find that instead of the products blending, you see flakes of old brow powder? Yep, you’re not blending your brows. you’re actually putting on old brow powder. Not a good look.


After a while, if you haven’t washed or conditioned your brushes, the bristles can become hard and feel spiky. Because they’re not as soft as they used to be, continued use of those hardened bristles can cause your skin to become red and blotchy, get this… it can even cause premature wrinkles apparently! Yes, you read that right, old makeup brushes can cause you to get wrinkles as you’re stressing your skin out! A combination of hard makeup brushes + bacteria = being offered an elderly seat on the bus when you’re actually in your 20’s and very capable of standing up on a moving vehicle. (Slight exaggeration but you get the point).

Pulled Out Lashes

We all want the longest, thickest, curliest eyelashes so it’s either strip lashes, eyelash extensions or tonnes of mascara. If you use mascara, you’re most likely to have the urge to also use an eyelash curler. If your eyelash curler is caked in 3 mascara tubes worth of product and you continue to use it without washing it, it can cause your lashes to look clumpy and even pull out a few of your lashes as you’re squeezing your natural lashes to the old mascara that’s dried onto the curler. Soak your curler in warm water to make it easier to clean off the mascara gunk.

Damaged Brushes

As already mentioned, build up of old makeup and bacteria will weaken or harden the bristles of your brushes which will then result into skin irritation and bad makeup application. Clean your brushes at least once a week with warm water and a regular hair shampoo, you can use the back of your hands to help scrub them or invest in a cute little brush egg (really handy and they’re small!) Washing your brushes and tools regularly will ensure that your makeup application is always flawless and will make them longer lasting so you get your moneys worth, I mean… you didn’t go into overdraft for your new mermaid brushes for them to become dirty and useless did you?

Don’t say we didn’t warn you… even if you don’t believe half the things we’ve mentioned, it’s always better to have soft, super clean brushes. Tweet us at @benitobrowbar if you have any tips for making your brushes last longer!

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