Eyebrows have taken over Instagram this year and we’re only in May! From feather brows to dragon brows and even breadcrumb brows, here’s a list of the brow trends that have swept the internet so far.

Feather Brows

Make-up artist @stella.s.makeup on Instagram came up with this while brushing her brows, don’t think she expected it to blow up and become a new trend. This was the beginning of the crazy brow trends that are happening everywhere, however, a lot of people had a lot of things to say about this new trend and it wasn’t all good… although, it’s not that bad right? Well, when you compare it to the other eyebrow trends we’re about to show you!

 Dragon Brows

Okay so, this is already getting weird, we’re open to all kinds of trends but this take on the brushes up brows is… a bit… strange, we’d happily walk around with the freshly brushed up brows but we’d have to think twice about leaving the house with these spiked dragon brows.

Barbed Wire Brows

We didn’t think it could get any weirder than dragon brows but apparently it does. Sort of like the dragon brows but just twisted into different directions? We’ve seen different variations of the barbed wire brows but this one made us feel less uncomfortable than the others. Plus, you’d probably have to have long eyebrows to achieve this barbed wire look.

Carved Brows

The current trend that’s happening on Instagram right now. The carved eyebrows, sharp, clean lines to frame the eyebrows, more of an artsy thing we reckon, something you’d probably see in an editorial magazine.

Crumb Brows

When you’ve run out of glitter for your eyebrows and opt to use breadcrumbs instead? We’re not too sure about this one, it looks like something unpleasant is growing on the eyebrows, if you want to try this look but don’t have any spare breadcrumbs, try pocket lint.

Bleached Brows

Okay, so this isn’t really a new trend but, since fashion week the bleached brows have made a brief return, icy muted brows with bold eyes doesn’t seem to have a negative effect on anyone, perhaps it seems cool to have bleached brows?

Pom Pom Brows

It’s like we’ve run out of ideas on what to do with our eyebrows so we’ll just get stuck into our craft boxes and glue on pom poms. At least it matches the eyeliner and mascara, consistency is key.

Flower Brows

Sort of cute we suppose. Using dried pressed flowers to delicately decorate your eyes and eyebrows seem dainty. *Blows off dust from flower pressing kit* Or, you could just clip a flower in a book and forget about it for a while.

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