Walk down any High Street or through most shopping malls, and you’ll notice threading stations are popping up all over the place.

You may have wondered what is going on, and why beauticians are leaning over people in chairs with one end of a piece of cotton in one hand, and the other in their mouth. What are they doing to that poor person?!

Threading, that’s what!

Threading is a hair removal technique that many believe originated in the Middle East. It may have been Peckham, but that doesn’t matter right now, the fact is, it works!

How it works

It can be pretty astounding to watch someone threading. Like many skills, an expert can make it look effortless and artistic, when in fact, what they’re doing is fairly simple.

They take long pieces of organic cotton, wrap them around hairs and remove them in one swift movement.

But surely waxing is the best way to remove hair?


If you think waxing your eyebrows is great, you’ve obviously never waxed your eyebrows.

Waxing takes longer, uses chemicals and makes most mortals scream like a banshee.

It hurts.

Until you get used to it.

Do you like getting used to pain?

Yeah, there’s a name for that…

Wax is for candles.

Anyway, here are five great reasons why you should stop waxing and start threading.

Threading is quicker than waxing

Waxing is a faff. You have to warm up the wax, paint it on, wait for it to set then rip it off all the while saying to yourself “it’s not gonna hurt” (spoiler: it hurts.)

Threading requires some thread. Clue’s in the name.

It’s more precise as it catches every single unwanted hair

The threading technician can remove every single unwanted hair, even the finest hairs that waxing and plucking can’t. Threading allows you to finely tune your brows for that “just stepped out of the beauty department” look. Which, seeing as you’ve just stepped out of a brow bar, is a good thing.

Longer lasting

Those pesky hairs are pulled right out at the root. They don’t stand a chance, they’re gone. Gone we tell you!

When they do grow back, they’re finer, and so the effect lasts much longer.

No chemicals just plain organic cotton thread

Waxing tugs at the skin, taking some of it with it. The chemicals can irritate and inflame. Threading is just cotton thread. No chemicals, no skin irritation.

OK, maybe a little bit redness, but compared to waxing, a walk in the park.

Little contact with the skin, good for sensitive skin

The thread will only remove the hair so there is little to no contact with the skin whereas waxing involves applying the wax directly to the skin and pulling at it, this also means that it’s much less painful!

So there you have it.

Next time your BFF says you should go to have your brows waxed, say “NO! I do not want my face covered in wax, I want to visit a brow bar where they use the latest Eastern mystical hair removal techniques!”

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