Finally, we have got what the beauty world has been crying out for… shades of foundation that suit all skin tones. Rihanna has changed the game!

When the Benito team first heard about RiRi’s plan to launch a cosmetic line, we was all very sceptical to say the least – it’s very rare to see musicians create their own cosmetic line. It was easy for everyone to judge her upcoming line as ‘just another’ celebrity trying to make more money.


To be fair to the superstar, all opinions changed when the Fenty Beauty promotion started rolling out – sceptical opinions turned into exciting thoughts. The promotion campaign was very clever, in the sense that Rihanna had featured cool-looking models with various ethnicities. It is always a positive to see someone using their platform to bring together ethnicities and create products for the future thinking.

The moments that Fenty Beauty dropped, it was clear to see exactly why Rihanna has put so much time into this project. It’s no secret to the beauty world finding the perfect shade is pretty difficult, when you only have 4 shades to choose from. The singer has broke all the rules and set the pace by releasing a 40-shade launch… YES! An incredible 40 shades.

The release sent waves through the whole beauty community and received an incredible response from beauty bloggers everywhere. It is clear that the principle behind adapting her cosmetic line to suit all skin tones, is being reciprocated.

Brianna White (Lifestyle & Beauty Vlogger)

Our Benito team loved Brianna’s review on Fenty Beauty products, the vlogger gives us a great analysis of what to expect from Rihanna’s new line on pale/fair skin. In her vlog she gives great detail and examples of her using the Fenty foundation, highlighter, contour stick, lip gloss, primer and more! You can check out Brianna’s full video below.

Leonore Christa (Lifestyle & Beauty Vlogger)

Another vlogger we loved was Leonore, who also gave us a great review of Rihanna’s new Fenty Beauty products. This time she shows us the other end of the spectrum and tests Fenty on darker skin. In this vlog Leonore tries out the exact same products as Brianna, apart from the primer. She is over the moon with how she has finally found the right foundation shade for her, Leo mentions being a make up artist and she has tried so many different products – but “Rihanna, has come into the business, the make-up business. Now this is a new type of business and has showed so many companies how it is done.” You can check out Leonore’ full review below.

We would love to know your thoughts, are you planning on buying Fenty Beauty products? Feel free to share your thoughts with us and let us know what your favourite product is.

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