It’s that time of year again, the time that all beauty bloggers, fashionistas, beauty/fashion companies all look forward to. We know that all four fashion shows are primarily about the clothes the models come out in, but we can’t help but mention plenty of new beauty trends that featured this year. From hairstyles, to makeup… we have it all for you here at Benito.


September 2017 fashion week kick starts in New York from September 7th . Before coming to our homeland, London on the 15th, then swiftly moving onto Milan for a start date of 20th. The final week ends in Paris on the 3rd of October, but starts on September 26th.


New York Fashion Week


New York Fashion Week is always one of the most memorable fashion week’s out of the four different visits. And given everything that is happening in America’s political situation, industry leaders were keen to use the catwalk as a platform to promote positivity.

Big names on the runway included; Kendall Jenner, Naomi Campbell, Haily Baldwin, Stella Maxwell, Emily Ratajkowski, Paris Hilton and more.

Benito Best Pick’s – Michael Kors


London Fashion Week


From a 16-year-old making their Fashion Week debut to protestors on the street, London Fashion Week was filled with entertainment. It seemed as though the London crowd was not for the designers using fur on their models. Which led them to parade the streets on the opening day with signs and megaphones.

There were a few big names in attendance for the London leg of Fashion Week; Hailey Baldwin who also attended in New York, Adwoah Aboah who was presenting Burberry clothes, Gigi Hadid and more.

Benito’s Best Picks – Burberry 


Milan Fashion Week


Binx Walton and Gigi Hadid stole the Versace show in Milan, strutting their stuff down the catwalk in black dresses and knee high patterned heels. Gucci also caught some headlines with their shell suit, the fact that they can pull off a tracksuit on such a big week… speaks volumes.

A lot of big names were out in full force for New York and London fashion week. So, all the celebrity spotters were in for a field day during Milan’s Fashion Week; Anna Winter, Naomi Campbell, Lewis Hamilton, Kris Jenner and more.

Benito’s Best Picks – Versace

Paris Fashion Week


Paris Fashion Week hosted some huge named collections such as: Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Alexander McQueen, Dior, Valentino, Saint Laurent. One thing the previous Fashion Weeks have been criticised for the diversity in ages, races etc. For the fashion weeks, we have seen all types of races as models and this was transcended to Paris. The one issue that hasn’t really been tackled yet is the concept of body diversity. Will we see more of this in the future? We hope we do!

The final week in the Spring Fashion Week’s seen a huge amount of famous faces including; Pharrell Williams, Cara Delevingne, Rita Ora, Nick & Joe Jonas and more.

Benito’s Best Picks – Bags

What was your best look from Fashion Week? And who stole the show for you? Let us know your thoughts!

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