As Fashion week comes to a close for London and New York, we feel we need to scrub up on all the essentials to keep up with this busy week!

Where to begin…

With the hectic fashion week now slowly winding down how many of you are excited to see the bold, colourful and ‘make a statement’ clothing to be brought into our stores?

The show kicked off with, as always, the designers thinking outside the box or in this case outside the pool.

We saw models enter the stage wearing paddling pools, inflatable beds and giant plastic dummies!

We’re not really sure what was trying to be achieved with this, nevertheless it caught everyone’s attention and that’s what fashion week is all about, right?

Another scene that caught everyone’s attention was globally known Hayley Hasslehoff (Baywatch stars daughter) who, during this hectic week, held a protest in which she made everyone aware of the minute amount of plus sized models that are involved within fashion week.

The star, who is a size 18 herself, stated she wants to “Give women the confidence in who they are” and most of all, wants to “tear up one size fits all” which is a mindset that she believes this week carries.

And to finish off the week who would have thought we would catch the moment Buckingham Palace meets Vogue!

The Queen sat FROW alongside Anna Wintour, who has been the editor-in-chief of Vogue since 1988, during the last day of London’s Fashion Week.

The Queen attended the event to present the inaugural Queen Elizabeth II award for British Design to Richard Quinn, a Central Saint Martins Fashion graduate.

The question were all asking is who does the Queens Brows?

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