1. Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette

This is a highly thought of palette, consisting of 14 shades in which are all creamy and highly pigmented. The various shades are all different yet work together extremely well. They are all browns, oranges and pinks which used together all work a treat! Especially with the extremely blendable formula allowing you the create a simple smokey eye or even a gorgeous cut crease with one of the shimmer shadows. You are able to purchase this palette at the price of £43 on Beauty Bay!

2. Morphe 350 Colour Nature Glow palette

Morphe are a great brand if you want a wide array of colours but don’t necessarily want to splash out £30+. All Morphe palettes are priced at an affordable amount especially for the number of eyeshadows you get in one palette and each individual pan lasts a long time. Imagine that just using one eyeshadow palette for all your eye looks? Sign me up!! This palette is just £23 on Beauty Bay with free delivery… get it before it’s gone.

3. Lick and Lash Beauty Lush palette

Lick and Lash are a beauty brand that aren’t extremely big but are starting to make their way into the lime light. Here is the best part… this palette has a whole row of glitter eyeshadows! These are eyeshadows that are premixed with glitter to give you more sparkle than a standard shimmer eyeshadow. The palette itself contains a huge 35 colours to create a look and at only £20 with matte eyeshadows, shimmers and glitter this palette really has it all. We think this palette is great for beginners who don’t wish to splash out on 100’s of eye makeup products as you have all you need in one!

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