We all come to the point where we are getting ready or planning a night out and you just look at your makeup collection and think what products am I going to use that will last me the whole night?! Here at Benito we have our favourite products that will last you through the whole night long.


Maybelline Super Stay foundation

This gorgeous high pigment formula is definitely Benito’s go to for a long wear and full coverage foundation. This is a matte foundation so it won’t make you look shiny and keeps you matte all night long! It is extremely easy to blend to give you a flawless finish. This is priced at only £9.99 in your local Superdrug store. This foundation will keep you selfie ready all night long with no white flashback!

Too Faced better than sex mascara

This mascara is the Holy-grail of mascaras! It can be brought as normal or waterproof but for a night out we recommend waterproof (just in case!). This mascara has zero fall out so it won’t give you panda eyes. This mascara perfectly separates your lashes and individually gives them the volume they deserve. At a price of £19 it may be more than some would spend on an everyday mascara but with the effect this gives your lashes… it’s priceless!

Mac Dark tan

Benito’s Holy Grail bronzer! This is always at the top of our makeup bags for a night out… some may be hesitant to use this everyday due to it costing £25.50 but we can assure you it does last a considerate amount of time so compared to the amount of cheaper ones you would buy this would be a better buy! Tried and tested here with a life span of 6-8 months.

Jennifer Lopez Inglot highlighter

This highlighter is J-Lo all over! It has that glow that we all crave with a tiny shimmer in there which means that you will be glistening in the light. This highlight unlike others draws attention to your highlighted areas while still being subtle. Benito tip – Add some to your collar bone for that perfect shimmer.

Huda Beauty liquid matte lipsticks

At Benito we are a huge fan of Huda Beauty from being a beauty blogger to one of the biggest influencers and a business women in the beauty industry! Huda’s liquid matte is our go-to long lasting lip sticks you can choose from the matte and demi-matte which ever you prefer as we adore both. So you can keep sipping on Prosecco all night without your lipstick budging.

NYX matte setting spray

For the finishing touch on a night out we use NYX matte setting spray!!! This will enable your makeup to stay all day and stay matte not shiny – Which we think is a God send for a night out. Also it is petite enough to keepin your handbag if you want to top up throughout the night!


Let us know if these products lasted you throughout the night!

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