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In 2018 there has been a hype around full, fluffy and thick brows but at Benito we understand that each client has their own brow journey! So, we want to guide you to the best way to achieve those boss brows.


  1. Size, Shape and Select

One shape doesn’t suit all… your brow journey isn’t about following the crowd it’s about giving YOU the brows that make YOU feel fierce and ready to take on the world! At Benito our brow experts are on hand to advise you on what brow shape would best suit you so, just pop into our brow bar for a full thorough consultation and a brow shape to start your journey; we can help you achieve your dream brows! We have the perfect package for your brow journey ask about our ‘WOW BROW’ package on your next visit.


  1. Secret weapon: Brow Mascara

A brow mascara has got to be the one single weapon everyone needs in their bag! Select a tinted brow mascara (high street brands have some great options), this is a quick fix solution to make your brows stay in place as well as making them look fuller and defined all in one brush… that is why it’s a must.


  1. Create Brow arch envy

Once you’ve located this you’re officially winning! This will naturally frame your face while at the same time giving you a flawless face lift. We advise not to take too much hair off the top of your brows as this can make your brows straight and have little shape to them. The next step is to trim or not to trim, we leave that in your hands.


  1. Don’t fill in your whole brow

Leave the front of your brows alone! No one likes to rock the block brow look and we wouldn’t want you to go through that. The best way to fill in your brow is to start from the arch and once you have hardly any product on your brush fill in the front of your brows, this will give an ombrè brow and give you natural yet full looking brow. Here at Benito we recommend a Benito tint, this will cover any grey hairs on your brows and give you a defined look without the daily maintenance!


  1. Definition is key

If you aren’t someone who is into makeup but still want those statement brows the best way to achieve this is to use a concealer and tapered concealer brush (a shade lighter than your foundation) to outline your brows then blend this into your foundation; this will make your brows slightly highlighted and add more definition!



You have no excuse to achieve those #BossBrows by following these tips!

If you want to begin your brow journey pop into your local Brow Bar for advice on how to reach your goal!



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