As if we need more brow products to obsess over in 2019! Urban Decay have now launched 4 different brow products to their already amazing product lines but the ‘Brow Blade’ one that seems to have flew off the shelves! If you’re not sure what to think just yet Benito are here to give you a hand!

This Vegan Brow product is something that we haven’t necessarily seen before with its dual end feature, is it something that is going to stick?

The collection consists of 5 brown shades, 1 taupe and 1 Auburn with the catch line “Redheads – we’ve got your back!”. One side of the Brow Blade the “Shader” is similar to an all-time favourite “Mac Eye Brows Styler” with a thin twisty brow product which gives you a lot of control on how defined you want your brows and gives life like hair strokes.

The other side of this duo is something we haven’t seen before… this is a “felt tip” style waterproof product that gives the impression of a real brow hairs. This was showcased live on QVC and we have got to say they do look great!

Huda also reviewed this product in detail she stated she loved the applicator and described as a “Microblading brow pen” She says this product is something that can create a “fluffy brow” which some brow products just can’t do! It is advertised as water-proof but Huda said she didn’t find it 100% water-proof but it stayed in place in water better than any other product she has used!


Our verdict is that this is definitely worth a try but to get that perfect shape and to get the hand of using such a different tool it may take more time but the results are amazing!


We cannot wait to try out the whole collection consisting of;


“Brow Endowed” – A brow primer and brow mascara to keep those brows in place while at the same time giving a fuller and more defined brow!


“Double Down Brow” – A duo brow powder kit consisting of two powders to help you achieve that “ombre brow” along with a dual ended brow brush and mascara spoolie.

“Brow Finish” – A clear brow gel to tame your unruly brow hairs and it is also said to last up to 16 hours! Perfect for an everyday brow look.


We are extremely excited to get our hands on this and try it out along with the rest of their Street Style Brow collection!


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