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It’s time to give your makeup products a spring clean and invite some new brands into your makeup bag! With Peaches & Creams pick ‘n’ mix bundles you can switch up your go to kit for just £40… this will leave you with 4 new pigments, 4 new brushes and 2 new glosses, which of course are all cruelty free!

We’re here to give you the lowdown on the products you must add to your bundle.


From Left to Right you have Disco, Gatsby, Famous and Dynamite. These are the perfect pigments for someone who just wants to dip their toes into the pigment pool! They’re all completely wearable and can create so many different looks. Pigments are the quickest and easiest way to add glitter and colour to your eyes (make sure to apply this before foundation as you may get a slight fall out!)


Peaches & Cream brushes are our go-to! They are super soft and do not feel at all synthetic.


First of all is the PC19 Buffer Brush this is the perfect brush to apply a primer / cream all over your face

 Then to apply foundation we would use the PC26 Domed foundation brush which will leave you with a seamless beauty blender like finish!

For our cream contour we then go in with PC18 Contour Brush which is the perfect density to not move any of your base makeup.

To finish it off we would use the PC15 Cheek Definer to apply a little blush & bronze.



We love peaches & cream glosses purely because they’re amazing quality, lasting for hours and are not sticky! What more could you want from a gloss? Our two favourites would have to be Sisterhood, A light pinky nude (paired with NYX nude truffle lip liner) and Dream on, A peachy warm toned gloss for a slightly darker lip!

All of that for £40 who can complain? You will not be disappointed and will be able to experiment so much we know you’ll instantly want more.

Shop here – https://www.fabulousmakeup.co.uk 

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