This sponge has been a secret in the beauty world until now; giving you MUA worthy flawless finish and will save you money!

The Beat Face cosmetics sponge is used by many Makeup Artists and once you try this there is no turning back.

Their MicroFiber sponge is made with the softest bristles that work together to blend your foundation into a seamless and Instagram selfie finish. Not only is it just £6.50 but it will constantly save you money as you will only need a fraction of your usual foundation. This sponge doesn’t absorb any product meaning you will not need to top up your foundation as much!

All you need to do for an enviable finish is;

  1. Wet the sponge and squeeze out any excess water
  2. Add a small amount of your liquid foundation to the sponge
  3. Tap, tap and tap this product into your skin until you have the coverage you desire
  4. Use the same sponge to blend in your cream contour and under eye concealer!


This product is completely universal and can be used for you full face of makeup.


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