At Benito we believe that Brows are the most important part of an individual’s look… they make or break your morning routine and can affect your inner confidence.

  1. Firstly, we’re all victims of is over-plucking! Plucking those stray hairs in between your appointments can be fatal as once you pluck one too many you can ruin your entire brow shape! We have the perfect guide on how to grow out your brows for the Insta worthy fluffy brow

  1. Then, you want to see if they’re close enough together. Measure from the side of your nostrils up to your brows… if your brows don’t reach here then you need to grow them
  2. Next is the brow arch… are yours too curved and you want more of a natural arch? Then it’s time to leave those underneath brow hairs alone!
  3. The final step is seeing if your brow tails are long enough; measure from the side of your nostrils past the outer corner of your eye and if your brows do not reach here you need to grow it out!
  4. Brush them up! Never fails us, it makes them look fuller & fluffy; move from the front and work toward the tail end of the brow
  5. Seal the deal… don’t forget to pick up a brow mascara to set those bad boys in place – Benito love NYX tinted brow mascara


This may take only a few weeks for some people but for others this can take years, it all depends on how plucked your brows are.

Benito advise while you’re growing out your brows you pop in for a Brow Tint to keep that definition in your Brows until you’ve got them exactly how you’d like!

Let us know how you get on with growing out your brows this Summer.

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