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Kylie Jenner has recently added Brow products to her ‘Kylie Cosmetics’ range calling it ‘KYBROW’. Benito are giving you our first impression on what products we think you should try and see what the hype is about!


KYBROW – Powder Duo $16 (£12.64)

This product consists of two powders which will create an ‘ombre brow’ (where your brows go from lighter to darker making the signature Kylie Brow). We recommend this product for people who have the shape they would like but they want to fill in a few gaps or just add more definition.  Apply this using the Kybrow brush to achieve that accurate application!


KYBROW – Brow Pomade $16 (£12.64)

Kylies brow pomade is a described as a ‘creamy formula that stays put once dried’ Benito recommend this for people who want to enhance their brow shape– this is great to use alongside our back to wow programme which is a 12 week programme to get your desired brows.

KYBROW – Brow Pencil $14 (£11.06)

Here is a Benito favourite! A Brow pencil that is ultra-fine so you are able to create fine hair like strokes. It is extremely easy to create a soft, natural brow or a full, defined brow with this tool… perfect if you’re an MUA as it is the only tool you need in your kit!

KYBROW – Brow Highlight $12 (£9.48)

The final step would be to outline and highlight your brow bone! This will make your brows stand out by giving a soft and subtle glow. This tool also has a sharpener on the other end so it’s great for on the go!

We LOVE the packaging from the KYBROW collections but are getting serious ‘MILK’ makeup vibes… We think KYBROW is definitely worth a try if you are already purchasing Kylie Cosmetics products and want to add this into your basket but at Benito we think many of these products can be purchased in the UK for a similar price and quality from brand such as Anastasia Beverly Hills and NYX cosmetics.


If you do purchase these we would love to get your feedback!




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