Us Brits love the perfect arched brow. However, is the style of the perfect brow coming to an end? Welcoming you to the Korean style of brow. Korean beauty regime and products has dramatically changed and impacted the beauty world with their flawless complexion busters they have to offer. Is their style of eyebrow going to have the same impact on us?

Straight Boy Brow is their eyebrow game. Forget about our style of getting that perfect arch, the Korean way is arch free. The trend is making its way to our Eyebrow style with the style being more seen on Instagram. We are always looking at ways to achieve the perfect arch which can cause problems, and can go easily wrong. The point of the arch is to create a strong impact by opening the eyes and lifting the eye line. The stress of trying to create the perfect brow after numerous beauty tutorials, and the fear of the 90s thin arches, is the time of the arch over?

Straight eyebrows are a lot easier to nail and offer that impact of a powerful brow. Showing an arch isn’t needed as the natural looking straight eyebrow shape can make tired brows appear fuller and thicker. If you are looking on trying to look more youthful or appear a few years younger this is a great way to do it! The fuller and thicker brows resemble how our brows appeared when we were younger, so it’s a great way to “turn back time.”

Another pro of the Straight brow is it’s simple and low maintenance, something we all love. The brow means it’s the ideal casual and our Monday Morning go to make our beauty looks so much easier (lifesaver). Kendall Jenner is channelling the Straight Boy Brow. Start showing the Korean brow game to be ahead of the eyebrow trend that will be hitting the catwalk.

Our Benito top tip when visiting our brow bars is to speak to your brow technician if this look would suit your face shape. If you are wanting to achieve this look at home when using an Eyebrow Pomade apply in short, upward strokes to fluff and shape the brows into place. We recommend using Glossier Boy Brow.

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