Think dandruff is just for hair, well we have done some investigating at Benito HQ and eyebrow dandruff is a thing. Its otherwise known as Seborrheic Dermatitis. This is a common skin condition that mainly affects the scalp. It causes red skin and stubborn dandruff.

How to stop the issue from head to brow.

The best way according to Ilyse Lefkowicz, Head & Shoulders dermatologist suggests using an anti-dandruff shampoo to tackle the awkward issue. Further tips would be to avoid substances on the area such as glycolic acid, benzoyl peroxide, acne treatments or anti-ageing creams. It’s important to get professional health care help for more information about the issue. Extra advice would be to avoid over exfoliating the area.

We have picked our best products for every budget to stop and prevent that pesky dandruff.

Head & Shoulders Classic Clean £4.99


Head & Shoulders is known as the classic go to for your dandruff worries. Needs regular use, the product has a 3 Action Formula Cleanse, Protect and Moisturise.100% flake free guarantee, and a budget friendly price it’s a winner.

Bumble and Bumble Bb Scalp Detox. £25

The cruelty free hair brand is known for its gentle but impactful products. The product uses micellar water technology to cleanse the scalp, and salicylic acid to remove those impurities. A bonus to this product it also deals with the issue of frizz making it a 2 in 1 product go to.

Cure Apaisante 4-Week Treatment, £43.70, Kérastase


If you feel like indulging; this is the product for you. The luxury hair care brand offers an intensive four-week treatment to be applied three times per week. This offers you a long-term relief for itchy and sensitive free scalp and eyebrows!

The Body Shop Ginger Anti- Dandruff Shampoo £9.50

The Body Shop is offering an exotic anti dandruff solution. Blended with Ginger, Birch Bark, White Willow and Community Trade Honey. The Community Trade Honey product means you are helping the Community Trade in Ethiopia with every lather. Our Benito tip here at HQ is to use cold water when washing your hair, to get that extra shine.


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