Ever wondered where your beauty goods originally were invented, and how we ended up with them. Well the history of the mascara is an interesting one. We have looked into where our staple beauty product originated from, and how we have ended up with the perfect product now.

Mascara dates back to the time of the Ancient Egyptians, even then they wanted to achieve the perfect flutter of lashes. Dating back to 3400-30 B.C Egyptians used bone and ivory as mascara applicators, and blended kohl with crocodile dung, water and honey to create the first mascara. With the trend of sustainability beauty who knows we might be buying crocodile dung mascara soon.

Egyptians lined their eyes with kohl and used the mascara to deepen their lashes. Eyes were believed to be the windows of the soul, they concealed them to ward off any evil spirits and bad energy. The Egyptian liner and mascara are still one of our favourite looks even today.

The Victorians had their own twist to making their versions of mascaras. Using their dressing rooms as labs and whatever was available to them to make their lashes appear longer. One method was mixing ashes with elderberry over a hot fire. The products were never marketed and we aren’t surprised doesn’t seem the most pleasant coating for the lashes.

The mascara similar to what we use was born in 1872.The key ingredient even in today’s mascara was discovered, petroleum jelly. In 1917 Eugene Rimmel (that London look) create the first packaged cosmetic mascara. Petroleum was mixed with black coal dust which began with cake mascara.

Cake Mascara is using a wet brush and rub it against the hard-compressed pigment before applying to lashes. Then to make our make-up routine quicker and less messy they invented the mascara to the product we know and love today. Even over a hundred years later the Rimmel Mascaras are our go to brand for the most envious lashes. Here at HQ we love the Rimmel Wonder Full mascara. Its thinner bristle brush means it’s easier to brush through lashes to give you a fuller thicker looking lash.

Rimmel Wonderful Mascara £7.99


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