Does the thought of shopping fill you with stress and dread?

With our top tips to a mindful shopping you will have the most successful and enjoyable shopping spree.

Top 6 Tips

1. Before you go do your research.

Look through your wardrobe and beauty cupboards to see what needs replacing and what you need. If are looking for an outfit for an event do a bit of research to style and colours you would feel confident in. Best way to remember everything write an old-fashioned list. Nothing more satisfying then ticking something off. A wardrobe refresh is always worth it if you haven’t worn it within a yet, be brutal and get rid of it!

2. Plan your location

A road trip?

If you are after something your local shops don’t offer then visiting somewhere with more shops or offers shops different to where you usually buy from, can often be refreshing and a good change. Going solo can also be good if you have a mission and want to be done as soon as possible. If you have good pals or family with great fashion and beauty taste tag them along to get the best opinions.

3. Invest your time

You and your clothes are worth it.

Take the time to try on. Another step is to apply the 30 wear-rule. If you can’t commit to wearing a new garment or accessory at least 30 times really think if it’s worth investing in. Another way to analysis if it’s a must have buy is to think of what the garment will go with. Is there four different ways to wear the additional product you are buying.

4. Be savvy with sales

Avoid buying just on price. We all love a sale but are you buying just because on the red label price. Relate back to the 30 wear-rule and the four different ways to wear, if it’s worth buying. Be aware of being a smart shopper who buys long term, and invests in quality not quantity.

5. Buying Shoes

Are shoes what you are after. The best way to be a Cinderella with the glass slipper is to try shoes on at the end of the day. Our feet swell during the day meaning its best to try shoes on the beginning of the day or right at the end for the perfect fit.

6. Treat yo self

An occasionally splurge can give you that sense of reward and joy from buying something that is a treat. Remember a bit of self-indulgence once in a while is good for the soul.


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