Addicted to the sweet stuff. After a summer detox, and to keep those pearly whites white?

We have 10 top tips and easy wins to cut down on the sweet stuff.

1. Avoid chain coffee bars. These may be your morning essential in the morning however many drinks are full of sugar and syrup while their counters have they have counters full with cakes and pastries. Try getting up five minutes earlier and making a hot drink in a travel mug to go. Plus, this is a savvy way to save pennies which can go towards your Benito treatment.

2. Swap fresh juice for a cup of herbal tea. Try a peppermint or a green tea not only do they help to keep you hydrated they also help to reduce stress which we all need in our lives.

3. Try reducing or drinking alcohol at home. If you are going out out, or for a few drinks with friends try drinking a Vodka lime and soda. Its low in sugar and calories. Remember one glass of wine = one doughnut, heart-breaking we know.

4. Swap white rice for brown/Quinoa/Cauliflower rice to reduce blood sugar highs. It’s also a great substitute if you are trying to lose weight.

5.Those 8pm sugar cravings are hard to battle. If you don’t buy you can’t eat it. Have snacks prepared so you don’t give in. Remember to power through those feelings you will feel better in the long run for it.

6. Don’t buy into those low calories, artificially sweetened and diet products. They still have sugar in, and you are buying into a product where you don’t know what’s ingredients are in it.

7.Great pudding or breakfast ideas are eating more “good fats” this would be your full-fat plain yogurt, cereal or porridge. This helps to regulate blood sugar and those cravings. To jazz it up try adding cinnamon or toasted almonds, for added taste and texture.

8. When buying products many labelled products don’t include the added sugars. Here are the ones to watch out for cane and beet sugar, honey, any kind of syrup, dextrose, sucrose, fructose, glucose, maltose, molasses, hydrolysed starch or invert sugar. This is a great way to start educating yourself about food.

9.Going to do a food shop? Do a food shop on a full stomach. When we are hungry we are far more likely to lose sight on dietary goals looking for a quick fix to the hunger. Make that list so you are in and out with no distractions.

10.Chocolate is one of our favourite sweet treats. Are you a Chocoholic and the thought of cutting out chocolate is too much for you? Go for dark chocolate. Milk chocolate has nearly twice the sugar content as Dark. A benefit of dark chocolate is it has four times more iron and fibre meaning it fills you up. Dark chocolate will sure be the delicious cure to a bad day.

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