The Micro Mini bag has been everywhere across the catwalk and made its way onto our high street. French house Jacquemus showcased its Mini Le Chiquito bag at Paris fashion week, which had everyone wondering what you could fit in such a tiny bag. When we say tiny we mean tiny. It fits in the palm of your hand. Even at a tiny size it’s not at a tiny price with a price tag of £258 (The price tag is bigger than the bag its self).

Flash backs to the 90s of the Fendi Baguette worn by Carrie Bradshaw to Paris Hilton. The mini bags are making their way back into out wardrobes again. Be ready to be your 90s self again, just avoid the thin eyebrows this time.

The demand for the micro bag is hitting the high street. Zara and Mango is constantly selling out of the perfect vacay minis for our essential holiday look. The size of the micro bag has got the fashion world in a twist to what is the perfect size mini bag. Kourtney Kardashian, recently seen on her vacay in Italy showing the micro bag trend. The question everyone is asking is what can you actually fit in it. That isn’t an issue for Kourtney as she probably has someone carrying what she would need to carry. Unfortunately, we don’t have that luxury. We can use her as inspiration for how to achieve the perfect holiday look.

The micro bag isn’t going anyway it seems. An impractical fashion staple for the everyday but a must have. Let us know if you are a micro bag fan or do you think fashion has gone to extreme? What is your view on the perfect Micro mini bag?

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