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Ever felt a trip to the salon has uplifted your spirits and not only made you more confident on the outside, but on the inside too. We explore why so many of us share our feelings and problems with our beauty therapist.

The intimate non-threatening environment makes clients feel comfortable. We feel confident enough to stripe off for a Brazilian wax which also prompts us to be open about feelings. Sometimes telling a stranger can be one of the best feelings. However, beauticians aren’t allowed to make recommendations that clients seek counselling or psychotherapy even if they feel they’d benefit from it. With the demands of the NHS, with some parts of the UK facing up to four years waiting lists. Private therapy is expensive and something many of us can’t afford. Are we looking for alternative ways to deal with mental health? Or are we just looking for someone to listen to us?

The relaxed salon experience and the trusting relationship between a beautician and a client to change and treat our bodies opens up a new level of trust and openness. Many clients are aware of the fact that beauticians’ confident agreements which prevents them from revealing client’s problems unless imminent danger. Having this acknowledgment that its completely confidentially encourages people to off load their thoughts and emotions as it isn’t going anywhere outside that beauty chair.

An Elle article which is definitely worth a read discusses how many beauticians turn to be trained as psychologists or working within Mental Health, after experience of this very thing of clients looking for advice from support in beauticians. It’s a time where you can focus on yourself and allow time to just be you. The benefits of a massage or a facial can be more than getting rid of those knots and spots but as a place to relax. When we relax the worries go, and is a way for people with depression to get out of your thoughts and just concentrate on relaxing. It’s not a cure but it is definitely a helping mechanism.

Is this something salons and the NHS should be working together on as an alternative way to help with the demands?Jeanine Connor, a former beautician turned psychotherapist, shows the link to how beauty is a form of therapy. ‘I had a client who suffered from ME and depression who I used to give a pedicure once a month. The first time I met her she said she never had colour on her toes and I encouraged her to try a colour. She eventually chose a bright red and her face really lit up when I’d finished. Her mood was instantly lifted.’ The experience of the self-esteem and confident boosting treatment is not only an act of caring for your appearance but as a method to make us feel confident within ourselves. It’s time we take a stand on mental health and the way we can conquer and make everyone happy to be themselves.

Here at Benito we would love to know how any treatments leave you feeling.




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