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What do our eyebrows say about our age? These boys give away our secrets from our expressions to what age we are concealing. Here at Benito we are here to help. With simple steps with our help your brows will be making you look youthful.

At Benito HQ we swear by shape, size and select to help you to achieve your brow goals and to find the right eyebrows for you. Trying to still recover from a brow trend that’s way too thin. Thank goodness for the development of the beauty industry. Our Microblading is a great way for a longer lasting solution to achieve the perfect brow. However, if you think microblading isn’t for you a good solution is a trusting eyebrow pencil. Undoubtingly the thin brows don’t turn back the clock, so it’s time to embrace the fuller brow.

Those grey hairs finally making an unwanted appearance?

You might be embracing silver strands, although do you want grey brows? An eyebrow tint will do wonders to make those brows youthful again. When you book your eyebrow appointment with us remember to book a skin test 24 hours prior the treatment. An eyebrow tint can do wonders to give those brows definition and enhance fuller shape.

Is your eyebrow colour right for you?

Finding the right shade is a challenge. Eyebrows too dark for your skin tone or hair hue are a no no. Try achieving a more natural shade to achieve a more youthful look. A Benito tint will be perfect or you to achieve the right shade for you. Avoid those Angry Bird brows by booking your Benito appointment now.

The Ultimate Way to Enhance Your Natural Lashes

The Ultimate Way to Enhance Your Natural Lashes

Trying to achieve those perfect fluffy, long lashes, can often start to feel like more of a chore than anything else. We find ourselves stuck in an endless cycle of curling, brushing through, coating with mascara, and finally having to undo our painstakingly perfect...