We are all living in a world now where changes have to be made for a greener more sustainable life. With easy swaps and careful considerations, we can all do our part to make simple contributions for a guaranteed future of our planet.


If you live in London there is an easy way for you to work towards a zero-waste lifestyle. The website USELESS (put website link) is a digital directory. Simply type in your postcode or borough and the website will generate a list of all the zero waste shops in your area. There is also a list of day-to-day essentials and how they can be swapped for more eco-friendly alternatives. This is from toothbrushes to washing-up liquid. Even if you don’t live in London this list is a stepping guide for anyone. This is a step in the right direction and is something we should encourage more businesses and communities to encourage.

2.Doing Your Weekly Shop?

Remember to take your own bags. If you are shopping at Co-op they have just rolled out nationwide compostable bags. The bags cost the same price of 5p however its none profit with money going to Local Authority charities. The bags have a secondary use as a food waste caddy liner. The bags can be turned into peat-free compost when collected by local authorities. They can also be approved for home composting. It won’t be long till more supermarkets catch up and offer an alternative solution to plastic.Aldi is also leading the way with removing its single use plastic bags.

3.Ditch The Face Wipes

Simple Biodegradable Cleansing Face Wipes 20 PC, £3.65

At present, 93% of the materials blocking sewers in the UK are wet wipes. The wet wipes are building up on the sea bed on the other side of the world. Simple have just bought out biodegradable wipes. If these are your go to cleansing ways then we suggest you do some changes and change to biodegradable. An easy swap where it doesn’t wreak havoc with your beauty regime.

4.Put Down That Grab And Go Lunch For A Sustainable Solution

You might question how it’s possible to stay ethical when picking your lunch option but there is always a better option. Pret (our go to) offers 50p off when you bring a reusable cup. They have also installed filtered water stations which are popping up in other locations which means you can fill up your water bottle on the go.

Another great way which is great for your pocket as well as the planet is to download the app Karma. By setting your location the app lets you buy unsold but nearly out of date food from restaurants, cafes and grocery stores at a lower price so it doesn’t go to waste. What a great way to do your bit for the planet but also for your appetite.

5.Footprint Calculator

To set your own goals and to see your own environmental calculator. Go to WWF (enter link) to take the test to see how much carbon you produce and how you change and cut down on your footprint. With handy insights the test only takes less than 5 minutes to complete and can be a real eye opener.


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