With Veganism being a trend with our diets is it now a trend with our beauty regime too? We all assume that clean beauty means that the ingredients are natural or along with the ideas of sustainably sourced and ethical. We have got the beauty experts advice on what is clean beauty and what brands we should be buying into.

The term can be very confusing. Here to clear things up is Adam Kielbasa, Head of Training at The Organic Pharmacy.  “Clean” means non-toxic. In the beauty industry there isn’t a certain definition of “clean” so this could be interpreted and mean different things to different brands or consumers. At The Organic Pharmacy “Clean” means to them all the organic ingredients they use. However, this is only one example of what it could mean.  Laura Rudoe, founder of Evolve Organic Beauty explains what “Clean Beauty” means to them. The term to them means it’s about the mindset and decisions we make to the consumer rather than the ingredients. “Every product has an impact on our planet through its supply chain, so it’s important to consider where the ingredients are sourced from, how it’s packaged, who manufactured it, what will happen to it during use and what will happen to the packaging at the end of its use.”

From these examples you as a consumer can choose what “Clean beauty” means to you. All the different meanings are all positive and a way we can help the beauty industry to become an industry more transparent, sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Here at Benito we have picked some of our top “Clean Beauty” products to us.


Jessica Alba’s American brand has finally landed in the UK. We have been waiting so long for this brand to make its way to our shelves. The brand sells itself as effective as it is safe. Used by top make-up artists, and all ingredients vetted and verified. Boots is now the first stockist in the UK of one of the best loved clean beauty brands from the US.


As we have mentioned Evolve, it would be rude not to tell you more about them. If you needed even more reasons to buy their gorgeous skin care products they are vegan, organic, cruelty free, handmade and all things natural. We especially love their Daily Detox facial wash. Natural Goji Berry extract and Moringa Peptides defend against pollution. Fragranced with fresh natural aloe vera fragrance. It not only smells good enough to eat it’s good enough for the skin.

Nude By Nature

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This Aussie brand has made quite the impression in the UK.  Formulated with 100% natural ingredients and no nasty synthetics and preservatives. This brand not only makes you look good it makes you feel good.


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