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If we know anything about the Kardashians its they are the gurus of beauty. With Kylie’s leading cosmetic line, Kim with KKW Beauty, and Kourtney with Poosh telling us the best lifestyle and beauty tips it’s fair to say they know their stuff about looking on point. It’s no surprise being part of the beauty clan Khloe knows how to keep your lashes healthy and long, which is something we all want!

Recently featured on Poosh, Khloe shared how she keeps her lashes looking so good. This isn’t something that will happen overnight however it will give you that lash length you have always wanted. What is her secret you ask?

Well her go to product is Kate Blanc Cosmetics vitamin E Oil. You can buy this on Amazon for £25.50 which hasn’t got that Kardashian price tag. You can even use olive oil instead as it has nourishing benefits. Both act as a conditioner to help your lashes grow strong and healthy.

Khloe explains how the application process couldn’t be easier. Simply use a clean spoolie or a cotton bud when applying. You should see results in a month or two. Even though results aren’t straight away it’s a great way to care for lashes after having lash extensions. When Khloe suggests vitamin E oil, or olive oil as a beauty hack we don’t doubt her for one second. Let us know if you will be giving this beauty hack a go, and if you see any results.

We have picked our favourite other beauty brand of Vitamin E we love at Benito HQ . These are great for Khloe’s lash hacks and great for the skin too.

Dr Organic Vitamin E Pure Oil Complex

Available to buy at Holland and Barrett, or online and is a great cheap alternative. Vitamin E is great to use on dry skin and stretch marks. Making it a multi purpose gem of a product.


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